Some speed improving exercises for tennis?

While my speed is fine, I want to be as fast as possible, expecially for those super quick shots that seriously shave my racket…and I miss. D: While I do practice my speed, any tips and tricks that work for you?

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  1. Tennispokemon14, 22 February, 2010

    Do you know why so many people think sharapova is fast? She really isn’t. It’s her ability to see the ball and react to it very quickly that makes her "fast". Try having someone standing near the net with a basket of balls. Then stand on the same side as that person and have him/her lightly toss balls that you have to run to, and catch. Then after you have the reaction down, start working on speed. Hill sprints and lunges help a lot. And there is also something called a spider drill and you put tennis balls on the corners of the "no man’s land" box and on the middle service line. Then you put your racquet in the middle of the baseline and try and put the balls on there back and forth as fast as possible. Also footwork is a factor so do jump roping and hexagon drills.

  2. yawnclifford, 22 February, 2010

    You may want to use an Andre Agassi tip. Andre could return a ball by taking it on the first bounce while it was coming up(up-bounce).He often did not bring his racket fully back to hit a ball but anywhere from 50 to 75 percent. Also, if you can master a return stroke like jimmy conners had(that is, return the serve like you are serving). This freaked a lot of opponents out. Also having a really tightly strung racket(make suffer some control problems)may help. If you work out in a gym don’t get muscle-bound. This will hurt you. Do light arm work. Do medium leg work. You also might want to try running in the pool.The most important speed is to speed up your brain. By this I mean when learning to play tennis, a player never has his racket back until after the ball hits the ground. YOU must have that racket back before the ball ever hits the ground. Dont think too much when you play. That is why Roger Fedderer wins so much. His opponents are always trying to think too much. This can beat you. Tennis is a thinking game(of course) but it is also a reaction game. Too much thought will beat you.

  3. Spunk!, 22 February, 2010

    I take private lessons, and there’s a drill that helps my speed very well. Get a cone, and put it in the center of the baseline. Have someone else feed you a forehand/backhand, and every time you hit it, you have to run around the cone. Repeat 10/15 times. 🙂

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