What are some good exercises for getting fit for tennis?

Its for kids that are 12-14 that are not allowed weights, and have a lot of time to do the exercises. What would you recommend doing? And are long distance runs good?

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  1. [M]arcus-*, 23 February, 2010

    and jumpp ropes
    and push ups and sit ups
    and throwing a football for practicing your servive motion

  2. panamaboy, 23 February, 2010

    The number 1 thing in tennis training is to have a strong mid-section. Sit-ups/crunches are great to strengthen that. Also Running for endurance is key. A player that will win more matches, will be a player that can keep a ball in play 8-10 shots.


    For service: Set targets in service box and make the players throw a tennis ball of the net, in the service stance, and try to hit the target.

    For agility: make the players line up on the service or base line and do slides in the direction you tell them to.

    For groundstrokes: Set targets up and have them toss a ball to theirself and try to hit the target practicing their full swing. As they progress, You toss them a ball over the net and make them hit to the target.

    If they are serious players, for every shot they miss make them doing sit-ups or push-ups. This will ensure they are trying their hardest.
    Thanks and Good Luck!

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