How do you stretch the inside of your elbow?

I play baseball, but my elbow hurts when i throw the ball. I am right handed and it is the inside part,(not the weenus). When i throw it doesn’t hurt as i throw but about 15-30 seconds later it really starts to hurt. I have tried icing it, but the problems still occur.Any answers. Btw im 14
Well i do not throw curveballs. I have been working out every day, so could it be overworked?

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  1. baseball coach 75, 24 February, 2010

    Very likely your elbow hurts due to either poor mechanics or a weak rotator cuff. Search the net for rotator cuff stretches and strengthening exercises, particularly the ‘sleeper stretch’. A trip to a sports rehab clinic would be very worthwhile, they can diagnose any issue pretty quickly and set you on the right path.

    Definitely rest for 2-3 weeks while you go thru a stretching and strengthening program and then have your mechanics looked at.

    Better to shut your throwing down now for a few weeks than to risk long term damage. If you rest and strengthen, you should come back throwing harder than before.

  2. bags, 24 February, 2010

    Is stretching the answer? If you’re a pitcher, should you be? Too many curve balls? Growing pains. Ask your doctor, it could be almost anything.

  3. baseballislife6, 24 February, 2010

    When my elbow hurts i use a simple strech that resolves the pain almost instantaisously. U need another person for this tho. put your arm at a 90 degree angle in frount of your face, fingertips facing the sky. have the other person put there right hand on your hand that is in front of you and there left hand on your elbow. now have them use just as much pressure as you use, and push nice and easy to your left while they put equal resistance on you, pushing in the opposite direction as you. do this for 10 seconds and then shake it out, and repete 1-2 times more. it is a painful strech but it works very good, and it is completly safe. I learned it from a coach who is also a sports trainer. Hope that helps. Oh and it is not good to work out every day, rest between days, and do cardiac or something, if you do workout every day you will make no progress and accually be straining your muscles to hard, just work out 3-4 times a week with at least a day in between workouts and do something else like cardiac or even just strech or play basketball in the gym.

  4. Kate, 30 April, 2011

    I am a softball player and I have the same exact problem. I have checked out my mechanics many times and after fixing just a couple little things, I was good to go. But after throwing a few long throws in the outfield, I think I threw out my elbow, and now it hurts everytime I throw the ball. I really need some good stretches for the elbow. I have heard of one, but it hasn’t helped at all. Please help. Elbow pain is not fun.

  5. Kyle, 20 July, 2011

    I’m a quarterback and I play tennis on my free time. I play tennis usually after I have a throwing session. That might not be the best Idea, but up until last week I was fine but lately I would throw a ball and my arm would be done for the day. So I really need something that is fast acting and works because I have a quarterback camp coming up in thirteen days. If somebody would give me something else other that what i’ve done already that would be great!

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