sore joints from tumbling?

my shoulder and elbow really hurts on my left arm. whenever i lock my elbow, there’s this shooting pain. what is it and do i ice it or heat it?

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  1. linsey5130, 25 February, 2010

    I would use an interval of both heat and ice.

    Do you drink alot of water? believe it or not simple things like that have an effect on your joints.

    Also– if your super active there is a large possibility that you aren’t getting enough calcium. I suggest getting a bone density test taken. And look into a pharmacutical grade calcium supplement. Being supper active causes the lactic acid build up from your muscles to harm your bones, tendons and ligements. To make sure they stay healthy- a calcium supplements is very important.

  2. queenb, 25 February, 2010

    Check Webmd. Apply Ice first, rest it , elevate it.

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