What kind of exercises will be good for a tennis player?

what exercises should he do and how often should he do them?
(15 yr old?)

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  1. Ohms, 25 February, 2010

    Ab workouts, running and some light lifting.
    How often.
    Its based on your on preference because everbody is different.
    I’m training right now for next season.
    For the weekdays I switch off on training.


    Rest and hit on the weekends.

    Then Monday depending on what is the least sore I workout.

    Oh almost forgot.
    Jump roping is important.

    Check out my other answers on tennis conditioning Im to lazy to write this one.

  2. powerpuffgirls1990, 25 February, 2010

    Arm exercises would be the best.

  3. mostamazinggrlever, 25 February, 2010

    do sprints cross court, up to the netand back…try and do s ome with ur racket in hand so it doesn’t seem weird in matches…work on sprinting w/ a lot of change in direction…but don’t lift weights much yet bc ur muscles aren’t done developing yet…do a lot of stretching to elongate your muscles as well

  4. Ask a Health Nut, 25 February, 2010

    I do back excercises, to strengthen my back as well as a lot of leg work. Side Sprints and Sprints are great to help with speed and balance. I have some leg and back workout routines on my site if you want to check them out.

  5. shirley, 25 February, 2010

    Um… running suicides on the court, (every time u play), dont forget to stretch!

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