How can I repair or replace the rubber elbow segment of hose leading to the pcv valve on my 2003 Ford ZX2?

It is a 2.0 engine. The elbow segment is cracked, nothing else.

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  1. CARL G H, 27 February, 2010

    take the piece down to autozone and have them match it up size wize and just replace the entire hose with Rubber. Ford used that plastic crap but it cracks with age and thats what you have to do or spend a fortune and order the line from Ford dirrectly

  2. Bryan G, 27 February, 2010

    take the bad one out and put the new one, or just call the mechanic

  3. Roy Dunkijacobsnolten, 27 February, 2010

    stay away from mechanic, the part is only a couple of bucks, he will charge you labor,

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