What is tennis elbow?

My grandma has it and she doesn’t feel like explaining it to me. haha

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  1. Partypooper, 28 February, 2010

    Tennis elbow is a condition in which you have chronic pain in you elbow due to constant swinging of the elbow. It’s called tennis elbow because it is associated with the constant swinging of the elbow during the game of Tennis. This doesn’t mean your grandma played elbow, it’s just the association with the elbow and the tennis swing. Thanks to the Wii, now there is another term…Wii Elbow because the Wii Sports has a Tennis game and the constant swing of the control gives people a chronic pain in their shoulder.

  2. linlyons, 28 February, 2010

    it’s inflamed, and enlarged tendons.

    the uncomfortable way to fix it is to wrap it on ice a couple times a day for half an hour or more.

    it ain’t no fun, but there’s no drugs, and it will work after a couple weeks.

  3. T K, 28 February, 2010

    The seperation of the tendons in the forearm. I’ve gotten tennis elbow multiple of times and it is very painful. The only cure is……. take a break from tennis

  4. Chimney, 28 February, 2010

    My Mum had it chronic / now has it a little. She didn’t get hers from tennis though lol. She went through a hell of a lot of pain with it, had to travel here than and everywhere before she got an exact diagnoses for it. Than to cure her pain, they had to inject a huge needle in between her elbow joints (forget what it was though) and she said the pain was worse than giving birth!! She had the chronic of chronic tennis elbow! It is definately not a nice thing to watch people go through and i doubt it would be nice to go thru it yourself!

    Dr’s are a little worried that i may be getting early signs of it, but im only 18 and it tends to come in people much older than 18! I’m starting to get the pins and needles in my arm, the tingling/sharp pain when i try and do things that involve the muscles around the elbow / near it and the elbow joint. They said at the moment they think and hope its just a muscle tinge but it would be almost the same feeling as the beginning stages of T.E and trust me, it is as painful as hell in its early stages!!!

  5. Heather o, 28 February, 2010

    tennis elbow is when ur elbow has a lot of pain in it u can hardly move it tennis player usually get it or u can get it from moving ur arm 2 much

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