Any double jointed people having trouble with weightlifting?

I am double jointed in my elbow, nothing special but that elbow gets sore every once in a while and bench press seems a little awkward.
I can bench my body weight like 16 times, but it seems to be a holding me back when I try and increase my max, which is not that much. Anyone else have a similar problem?
ohhh, don’t lock your joints on benchpress

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  1. dave, 28 February, 2010

    im also double jointed there…freaks ppl out when i can touch elbows together in a way they cant haha….the only thing ive had a problem with is throwing…we dont have that natural "stop"…so it hyperextens the tendons…shouldnt effect benching tho…i accutally find u helpful…if i need to take a quick breather i can lock em and stays up easier

  2. ty, 13 May, 2011

    I am double jointed in both elbows, but broke my right pretty badly when I was like 8 or something and lost most of the hyper mobility in it. My left now is VERY hypermobile and my bicep is somewhat bigger and my tri on that side is WAAAY bigger. I’ve been “lifting” for a some years (I’m 26) and have good form and all that shit, but the extra range INSIDE the elbow makes imbalace. When it comes to benching, your elbows shouldn’t hurt your bench as long as you don’t lock at the top. If you want to go up on your max try this-(I’m just going to use easy numbers, fill in weights that you can use)
    week 1- do a normal 15-12-10-8-6-3×2@100;110;120;130;140;80%maxrep
    week 2- close handed bench 15×3@50% maxrep
    far handed bench 15×3@50%maxrep
    push up-20xas many rounds as possible until fail
    week 3- dumbbell floor press (whatever wieght you can do 10 reps with)5×5
    80%maxrep benchpress 2×5
    d.bell floor press (same wieght)5×3

    do this for 6 weeks (doing each workout, 2 weeks each) then do a good warm up (pushups are perfect) and try your max. I garuntee it goes up. GOOD LUCK!

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