What can I do to help my elbow?

Well somehow my elbow bone is weird, it’s like sticking out and when I play basketball, football, or swim, it hurts on my inner forearm and inner arm. I got it in both arms. I think this happened because I started to workout and did several push ups a day. I’m not really sure what I have but I think it might be Tendinitis. I’ve had this for months now, and I want to workout again but every time I lift something heavy it hurts. I went to the doctor and she told me my tendons were messed up and I had to take Advil and rest until I recover. Is there any other thing I could do to help my elbow? Like some exercises or any equipment that could help support my bone? Thanks in advance.

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  1. CC, 02 March, 2010

    Advil is fine for inflammation, but your primary care doctor should have referred you to a specialist: an orthopedist – a sports medicine doc. This has been going on for months? Way too long. If your elbow bone is "weird" and "sticking out," that’s more than Advil and rest can cure.

    Please see a specialist ASAP. They will probably take X-rays (just in case), and at the very least send you home with specific exercises to do, or possibly send you to physical therapy. The PT folks have equipment you don’t have at home, show you how to do exercises so you do them safely and to best effect, and monitor your progress.

    And what are you doing playing basketball, etc., before you’ve healed? You aren’t giving those tendons a chance to heal; you keep aggravating the condition. I know that’s not what you want to hear – none of us likes to be laid up!

    Good luck! Sorry you hurt yourself.

  2. Ton, 02 March, 2010

    Your Doc is right. Rest and advil is the treatment. You may get cortisone injections if the injuries dont heal. Its a rotten injury because its hard to totally rest your elbows. It can take months before they feel good again. Try your best not to overuse your elbows. Dont sleep with your arms folded or bent. Try keep them in a neutral position somewhere between staright out and folded up is good.

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