I’m pretty sure it’s not Tennis Elbow. What is it?

It happens in my dominant arm, it’s not painful but it’s disturbing. When something is put on my elbow, like pressure or even when I just lean it against the table, there’s this radiating feeling that goes from my elbow to my fingers.
I asked a friend and she told me it could be tennis elbow so I read about it but I don’t think it is.
IDK if there’s been trauma.. Probably? No it’s not associated with any pain–it never hurt. Just the feeling of ‘flowing electricity’ or at least that’s what I call it. Uhm no heat or swelling either. It really appears normal when you look at it. I’m 5’4", 58kgs and I’m so feeling well.
Anything to help me know what this is, I’ll gladly answer any queries. I’m planning to have it x-rayed but I want to at least have an idea what it would turn out to be.
Yes thank you so much.
I asked a friend from the US who’s a doctor but not a specialist in musculoskeletal disorders and she advised me to have it x-rayed. And she was also she was also the one who told me it could be tennis elbow. I’m from the Philippines btw. I just got kind of paranoid with this because I still haven’t solved my TMJ problem and now I’m having another unpleasant experience, probably involving skeletal system again. Some 6 years ago, I think, my x-ray result showed dextroscoliosis.

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