Why won't my lower abs tone like the rest of my body?

Last Tuesday I’ve started my workout of:
running for an hour, or at least burning 300 calories or more before I stop.
4 different ab exercises on reps of 30 the first week, moved up to 40 at the beginning of this week.
(ab bicycle,crunches,reverse crunches,knee crunches(touch elbow to opposite knee))
Playing tennis for an hour and a half

Immediately, I’ve noticed my upper abs becoming really defined and firm, along with my obliques. My entire core is getting firmer, but what I’m really after is losing my tiny lower stomach fat. It’s a pinch but it’s so hard to get rid of. I can feel it burning during my ab workout, so I know I’m doing exercises that reach them but why is it not showing on the outside? I’ve already lost 3 pounds.

How can I reach that flat stomach before March 20th?
I don’t have access to a gym or weights. Just my body weight and a treadmill.

I’m 16, btw.
My diet is already good.
Dont drink pop, or eat sugary junk-cookies,cndy,etc.
Lots of protien, grains, fruits/veggies.

Thats not the issue here.

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  1. Bo, 03 March, 2010

    Working out only will not do much. It is all about what you eat. And your lower stomach is the hardest part of your body to work out, because it takes so long.

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