How to stop dropping your elbow when swinging the bat?

I keep dropping my elbow whenever I swing, thus ending with me flying out. How do I correct this?

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  1. Collin A, 03 March, 2010

    You can try a drill where u have two tees, one higher than the other the smaller one in front and swing down above the high tee and hit the ball on the lower tee. Keep doing that and your swing will hopefully soon correct itself.

    Good Luck in the future

  2. p-fab, 03 March, 2010

    concentrate on keeping it up- try a batting stance like sheffield- or Ken Griffey JR, or Edgar Renteria

  3. CSAmain, 03 March, 2010

    throw the knob of the bat at the ball. go infront of a mirror and turn your pretend to swing. turn ur hips and dont dip. swing level. ive had the same problem and this has helped a lot! do it 200 times btw

    good luck and dont dip lol

  4. buddywilshire2003, 03 March, 2010

    You need a new swing. I did the samething and had to come up with a whole new stance. Easiest way, in your stance hold the bat higher, forcing you elbows up.

  5. imrickjames62, 03 March, 2010

    your elbow is supposed to drop at launch. sounds to me like your dipping your back shoulder.

  6., 03 March, 2010

    You need to practice keeping your elbow up and throw the knob of the bat to the ball……………Try using a tee to practice.
    Good Luck

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