how much to tip a bad waiter?

so my sister and i always go to this sushi bar. we go so much that even the owner knows us by name. however, the last time we went there was a new waiter and he was really rude from start to finish. when i walked in he pointed to me and asked how many when i said two he shook his head and rudely said NOT YOU!
then when we were ordering we started listing the things we wanted and i guess we were going too fast because he was like STOP STOP YOU< STOP NOW. then when he was passing our table he hit me with his elbow by "accident". when we asked for the check(by this time he had no tables) he took forever to bring our check. my sister wanted to tip him atleast 20% but i told her to wait in the car and that i would pay. i tipped him {content}.00. my question now is that what would you have done, and if i go back would it look bad?

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  1. Wopness, 04 March, 2010

    If he was intentionally rude then 0 was appropriate.

    You wont look bad, considering you go often and (I am assuming) tip well when it is deserved

  2. Warren, 04 March, 2010

    I have , on rare occasions , left one penny.

  3. tartarsrock, 04 March, 2010

    Never tip for bad service. Not one red penny

    Since you know the owner the next time you go in ask to say hi to him. Then mention that the last two times you were in, this waiter was less than professional. Don’t be emotional just put it out frank and clear. If the owner is not there then be sure to talk to the manager and ask when the owner will be in so that you can give him a call. Do this especially if this waiter is a jerk again. Then be sure to follow that up with a phone call.

    I can’t belive your sister wanted to leave a tip. YOu did the right thing there. But you have to tell the owner.

  4. buckwheat, 04 March, 2010

    tips = too insure prompt service. I will usually leave this message on the ticket or on the charge slip and leave $0.00. Some people just have to learn the hard way.

  5. james a, 04 March, 2010

    It sounds the waiter was new as you said also did not speak english well. I eat in restaurants quite often Once and awhile I’ll have someone who just started and has never been a waiter. Remember
    dealing with the public is not easy and sometimes uncomfortable for some people especially as in your case I don’t think English is his first language.. Remember how you felt when you were trying to learn your first job. Ypu didn’t have to tip, but usually the waiters shatre there tips with the busers, if they do in that restaurant I would have left 10 percent.

  6. Garrett E, 04 March, 2010

    You should leave one penny. That tells them that you’re not cheap, but they’re not good waiters.

  7. TheEmperor, 04 March, 2010

    you made a good choice with the tip and he probably wouldn’t remember u if you went back

  8. North Side Irish Gal, 04 March, 2010

    If you really enjoy the food, you should be able to go back to that restaurant, but, first talk to the manager. Tell the manager the same thing that you wrote in your question. If you don’t complain about his poor service he still will be working there. Maybe, with enough complaints from customers, he may get fired.
    Good luck,

  9. Stardust, 04 March, 2010

    He was extremely rude to you. If I had an experience like that, I would leave 10% and a note that said, "for your information, I am a server and I tip GREAT when I get NICE SERVERS!"

    Also, if the owner knows you by name, surely she would have stopped by during this time to see how things were going. Maybe you can call her at the resturant to tell her what happened. I am sure she will give you a gift card or a free appetizer or something since you are a regular.

  10. makeshift escape, 04 March, 2010

    It sounds to me like the service was bad enough to justify not leaving a tip, especially because you’re a regular customer. If the owner know you by name, then let him know what service you recieved, and tell the manager that you’re not leaving a tip. This way, the owner can directly address the server, and you’ll probably get some free food the next time you come in!

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