I know this is something I should be going to the doctors about, which is why I am going to the walk in tomorrow. But anyways, Saturday I woke up and my hands and feet were swollen, I had to pry my rings off and my sandals wouldn’t fit my feet were so swollen. Through Saturday my feet were swollen and began to hurt. By the end of the day all my joints were sore my wrists, fingers, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and toes. Everything feels like they have been over worked. My feet hurt like I have been standing on them all day and walking all day. I can’t make a fist without a tight feeling. All my muscles feels sore and over worked. Keep in mind I’m 20 and have a job where I am moving a lot (but not to a point where I have ever hurt in 3 years). My family and friends say its either rheumatoid arthritis or from not drinking enough water and my body retaining water – thus the swelling. I dunno, it just gets in the way because everything hurts….doing anything is uncomfortable. Last week I did get a TB shot and don’t know if that’s some sort of side effect?

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