From an IV aweek ago, the vein is sore and bruised all the way up to my elbow should I be concerned?

I went in later that day a had lithotripsy and had an IV on the other hand that hand is fine.

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  1. Misty.babydoll, 06 March, 2010

    You should be fine.Some people bruise more than others and some nurses are not as talented at finding a vein as others.If you do have a large knot at the site where they stuck you,then get a doctor to look at it to make sure the nurse didn’t mess your vein up.

  2. Robert Reed, 06 March, 2010

    yeah, its probably AIDS. stock up on robes and broth.

  3. Becca, 06 March, 2010

    Sounds like it could be phlebitis. I would show it to your doctor, because if there is any sign of infection she/he may give you an antibiotic. However, that said, lots of iv sites get sore like that, sometimes from the iv solution they inject. It may just go away on its own.

  4. JoeSchmoe06, 06 March, 2010

    no that happens frequently to me when i give blood (same needle for both) – the hole they poke in your vein with the needle just doesn’t close immediately (or opens back up) and the seepage under the skin makes the bruise.

    it’s uncomfortable and ugly, but nothing to worry about. it’ll go away in 2+ weeks.

  5. fred s, 06 March, 2010

    no a little heat and ibuprofen and you will do well
    as long as the streaks are not red and tender which means they are infected
    superficial vein infalamtion do not clot and go to the heart or lungs

  6. djgriffinny, 06 March, 2010

    Is the bruise still growing or does it looked like it is now going away. If it appears to be still growing, go to the doc. In the meantime away ice, 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off

    If it is going away, apply warm compresses. That should help speed up the healing process.

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