Why does my elbow HURT?

Lately I have been having sharp pains in my elbow joint especially after I lean on it, and im not overweight but i dont exercise or play sports either. what could it be!?

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  1. R T, 08 March, 2010

    Sometimes elbow pain indicates "tennis elbow". This is actually caused by repetitive motions involving flexing the fingers and twisting the wrist sideways at the same time. Believe it or not, poor ergonomic form typing, using a mouse improperly or doing other relatively common tasks can cause this. Usually, the pain is just in front of the elbow itself on the outside of the arm but can radiate through the whole elbow. Gripping can also trigger tennis elbow pain. Check that you are keeping your wrists straight during activities where you have to flex your fingers and try to move the whole arm from the shoulder, not flex the wrists. You may also try a wrist support to keep your wrists in a neutral position. If it continues, go see a doctor for a real diagnosis.

  2. Mr. Listener, 08 March, 2010

    it is possible that you could have a pinched nerve in your elbow.

  3. Kopter, 08 March, 2010

    Are you sure you didn’t bang it against something? That’s the only thing I can think of. If pain continues, have a doctor look at it.

  4. blackenxthexsun, 08 March, 2010

    I get pains like that alot, I alwyas hit stuff in my sleep, maybe you hit it on something. If it was a pinched nerve it would be really painful.

  5. culpepp11, 08 March, 2010

    possibly tendonitis, try putting ice on it

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