Fell on my elbow, it was sore for 3 days but if im active the pain returns slightly. I broke a growth plate?

i was playing football and fell on my elbow. it was pretty sore for a few days, but now its better. but if i use a lot of force or am active with it, the pain returns a little bit. What is wrong? also i hope i didn’t break a growth plate. How do you tell?
well i dont think i fractured anything because with 2 or 3 days i could work out and resume normal activity. once in a while i feel a little bit of pain there though. but barely.

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  1. Shizzle, 12 March, 2010

    You didn’t break anything. You have a contusion to your elbow and all of the tissues at the point of impact: periosteum, tendons, fascia. It will take several weeks to be pain free with activity. You are fine!

  2. softballchick26, 12 March, 2010

    this is where you go get an x ray

  3. sunshine326@rocketmail.com, 12 March, 2010

    i did that when i was 11 i fractured my elbow. (only hairline fractured so it felt better over a few days but wasnt fully healed.) it still sometimes hurts (i am 18 now.) but only when there is bad weather. get a sling and rest it for a few days don’t try to bend or use that arm or the healing wont work right. your elbow should be back to norm within a week at the most IF you let it heal properly. its also called a simple fracture its where the bone splits in a small line instead of breaking the bone.

  4. Shulman, 07 November, 2011

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