Are there any exercises i could do more of to help me gain power/speed in tennis?

I take two clinics every week on mondays, and fridays. I also play almost every weekend, the only days i dont play are tuesdays, wednsday, and thursdays. What could i do on those day to help me gain power/speed on my ball?

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  1. Johnny Reb, 16 March, 2010

    Another sport.
    Surf or body board for the upper body muscles, (only if you live near good waves.
    Or something else.

    Or just pump some boring iron.

  2. Issac F, 16 March, 2010

    well there are two sports i can think of. soccer cause it helps your footwork. footwork is important for speed and positioning for the ball. the only thing i think you need to do in soccer to improve your footwork is shuffling. the second is swimming. swimming helps you increase your cardiovascular. meaning it will help you breath better in matches. in general, all sports can you become better in tennis. hopes this help.

  3. conphuzzled, 16 March, 2010

    Why, in fact there is, my sweet darling (who I would like to assume is pretty). If you have a broad strip of rubber band–the ones they sell in stores–of about 70 cm in lengths and ~15 cm in width. You can wrap it around a fence firmly grasp the end as you would a racquet and stretch it out on the same motion as you would swing a racquet. Be wary to not move your legs, it will be hard to stay planted, but that will work your lower torso. So There!

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