If I seriously want to play tennis what should i do?

i am five foot and a half inch, i am a girl, i am 14,and i dance! I really want to go into tennis! What exercises should i do? for tennis players do you need to work on upper body strength as well as speed and endurance? what would be the best way to train? I plan on taking lessons soon, but i want to work on what I can before I start taking them?

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  1. thenextburton, 18 March, 2010

    Don’t run any wheres near 5 miles or close to that. let me ask you something when do you run 5 miles straight on a tennis court without stopping.YOU DON’T. practice short stopping and quick sprints. get right to it and start hitting.tennis is a mind game so learn alot about it and its best players.Im a tennis player right now,don’t worry to much tennis is a game of learning not knowing.

  2. rin294, 18 March, 2010

    ignoring the stupid comments by the other guy…well…pull up are really good…running is really good…lessons are the best thing u can do….take a 3 lb weight and swing it like a racquet…ur coach for lessons will know more than i but the things u do sometimes for dance can be really helpful …and stretch..thats bout it..otherwise just muscle memory from playing

  3. John H, 18 March, 2010

    Cardio is more important than strength. Get in the best shape you can through wind sprints and distance running (5K is enough), and then you can add strength training later.

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