is lifting weight and exercises like soccer, tennis make my face longer and leaner thinner?

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  1. MissCrysIsTheCutest, 19 March, 2010

    that happens as you get older… it’s normal

  2. *:.BOOTYL!C!OU$.:*, 19 March, 2010

    ur face?????????????????????????????
    no i think u loose baby fat on ur face when u GROW UP!

  3. Dj Conquest, 19 March, 2010

    no,. you must be asian.
    to make your face leaner, you must do face exercises. like opening your mouth as wide as possible and then closing and repeating over and over and over. research "face exercises" on google.

  4. Darkening.With.Blues., 19 March, 2010

    Well it won’t make it longer since that has to do with bones!
    It could make it thinner though

  5. Curious, 19 March, 2010

    If you are asking will it, then yes over time you will lose weight. So, your face will get thinner. I’m not sure that it will get longer, but it may appear that way once you lose the weight.

  6. Rx8, 19 March, 2010

    If your trying to lose the flab from your face, the best thing to do is to run and eat healthy. I hate to say this but its not going to be easy. Its going to take a while and it will take a lot of determination and drive.

  7. ckanyer44, 19 March, 2010

    Oay, well your question is a little difficult to understand, but I think I get what you’re asking. To be honest, lifting weights will add muscle, and the more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you can burn when you do cardio exercises and high tempo sports, like tennis and soccer. The lower body fat percentage you have (meaning how much of your body is composed of fat), the tighter you will be. This WILL surely result in a tighter, more slim-looking face, as well as body.

    I just lost 40 lbs., and the first thing people started noticing, even after I lost about 8lbs, was how much thinner my face looked.

    Hope this helps!

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