My boxer has a sore like thing on her elbow? I think its from her sleeping on the floor??

any ideas of what it is and how to cure it?
She does have a bed. But she loves to just lay on the floor

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  1. kc, 20 March, 2010

    i have a lab and she gets that to. its from them sleeping on the floor. there is no way to cure it. the spots will start to turn hard and no hair will grow back. maybe try to get your dog to sleep somewhere soft or buy something for your dog to sleep on.

  2. TMF, 20 March, 2010

    They are common on the elbows b/c skin is tougher there. Leave it alone. They are not dangerous and used to protect the elbow while laying on hard surfaces.

  3. Gabrielle, 20 March, 2010

    Well my big dog gets those 2 and its from lying in the dirt, all u can do is put some neosporn on it and even if it goes away most likely itll come back.

  4. K.rae, 20 March, 2010

    It’s like a callus.. a rough spot where her skin is toughning up from the hard floor.

    Begin with getting her a doggy bed or a few blankets to sleep on. As for what’s there, I’m not sure there’s anything that can take it short-haired dog has them, too…they don’t hurt them… just get her something comfy to snooze on

  5. bisqit77, 20 March, 2010

    Ive never heard of a dog getting a sore from sleeping on the floor. Although it can happen. What kind of floor is it? Hardwood, marbel or carpet?

  6. sugarpine25, 20 March, 2010

    It is probably a callous. It is unlikely to go away, but to keep it from getting worse, don’t leave your dog on concrete surfaces for long periods of time, such as when you’re at work. Leave her inside and provide her with a soft surface for sleeping. If it’s hot, try a Kuranda bed.

  7. jcrulz10, 20 March, 2010

    the vet sayd that it was hot spots go 2 walmart and get some Sulfodene for hot spots and doctor them they can possible get infected

  8. kakapobirdthing, 20 March, 2010

    Heavy dogs really shouldn’t sleep on hard floors. Get a bed made like a hammock – a simple steel frame with a hessian sack or something slung over it. They cost almost nothing, are totally comfortable and you just replace the hessian when it gets worn out.

  9. Maxwell R, 20 March, 2010

    its called a "pressure inflamation" get the dog a pet bed of a piece of carpet …

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