serious elbow problem help needed?

about 7 months ago i was diagnosed with tennis elbow and had a steroid shot by my doctor.. after that my elbow got alot worse, and the skin where i had the shot lost all colour, became really thin and the muscle around my joint pretty much dissapeared! i have now had immense pain in my elbow. The bony bit of my elbow is extremely painful to touch, my forearm aches and is painful, underneath my elbow is also sore and the crease where my arm bends is also sore. I also cannot straighten my arm without severe pain and then rebending when i do get it straight is agony, i have been having ultasound physio and an arm clasp with no help whatsoever! I also cant get that hand warm.. no matter how much i try and use it and not compensate, my hand is so cold it hurts me. I am going for an MRI scan in a week and im really scared.. i dont know what to expect and i dont know if they will say i need surgery… Im an 18 year old girl who has done martial arts all my life.. could that be the cause??
someone please help me with this?? suggestions/ advice or experiences.

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  1. Carl N, 21 March, 2010

    First, the MRI doesn’t hurt. It’s a little noisy in the MRI machine and a little tight but really no big deal unless you are severely claustrophobic. I have had a tennis elbow repaired and it’s a fairly straightforward. For me, it was the ulnar nerve sublexing over the elbow joint and popping as it moved in and out of the channel. The solution was to partially move the ulnar nerve to the inner part of the elbow. It left a fairly large scar but operates normally. No more hitting the "funny Bone" as the Ulnar nerve is responsible for thar painful sensation you get down your arm when you hit your elbow. As for your post injection reaction I’m not a Doctor but U would suspect that you had an allergic reaction to the steroid. Good Luck and keep us posted.

  2. Robert B, 21 March, 2010

    I like Carl’s guess as to what the problem is. The how to fix it is more difficult, since it is generating a pain signal should work.

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