can anyone help mme with my elbow?

Ok so basicly my elbow has been hurting for like 6 months, it hurts to touch it right on the little bone at the peak of your elbow and sometimes it gets like "stuck" in one place annd I have to pop it really hard now please don’t tell me that I should see a doctor, its tenis elbow, or I keep hitting it becuase its not thanks and yea it kinda really hurts and I’m in pain so help me please 🙂

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  1. Juliet, 22 March, 2010

    ok i wil first go wit seeing a doctor bt since u said i shouldn’t tell u 2 see a doctor then i wont n hav u tried using hot water to press unto that painful part bt d disadvantage is dat it is really going 2 hurt so d thins i want u 2 do is 2 ignore d pain. thanks 4 asking, sori gudluck n gudbye

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