How to Exercise Tennis Shoulder?

My shoulder has been hurting when i try to serve but everything else is fine. my shoulder hurts when i do the motion of serving. what exercises should i do to make it better?

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  1. Guest, 22 March, 2010

    There are some great rehab exercises out there:

    1) The Pendulum – let your arm hang down and gently swing it in circles anti-clockwise and clockwise for one minute. Make sure gravity lets the arm dangle down and it swings on its own momentum.

    2) Rock the baby – hold your bad arm with your good arm, and gently rock the bad arm from side to side as you would a baby. Do this for one minute five times per day. Its a really gentle way to rehab the shoulder.

    3) Lift your arm above your head. Let the bad arm relax, then using the good arm lift the bad one above your head. Its great at improving mobility if you get stiff and will help with the tennis serve.

    4) I got this last one from the book as well – use a theraband to replicate the serve – its like throwing a ball but using an elastic band. Really great exercise but make sure you follow the first stage exercises first.

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