Do you think these exercises will help with my tennis performace?

30 sit ups
25 push ups
running up and down a hill (walking occasionally) for 30 minutes
leg and arm stretches

I’m not really sure what a good workout would be for tennis. I just made this routine up, but if it’s not good enough, can someone give me some exercise routines that I can work on daily?

What I want to improve on most are stamina and speed. But please go ahead and list anything you can that will be able to help me and tell me which exercises will help with what point of my body.

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  1. phill.serb, 24 March, 2010

    This is a Perfect Routine!
    Great established.
    But when running up the hill MAKE SURE you are on your toes so you get use to it.

    Because in tennis one of the main things is to always be on your toes to acclerate and get great accuracy.

    Now the push-ups will be great for your muscle strength and the sit-ups for your body strength, I’d also suggest going down to a tennis court and set up some cones and try and hit it in there.

    Try and have people passing a ball to you and smashing it back, if it goes in your safe, if it goes out do 5 push ups so you can get yourself fit. Also for a little bit fo a punishment :p


  2. Revenge, 24 March, 2010

    Yes. Concentrate on legs and bi/triceps the most.

  3. mxtxmxt, 24 March, 2010

    You should do some more cardio workouts, as in running/sprinting. Not jogging though, Short bursts of speed. For example, My school’s courts has 6 courts in that cage-like area. Sometimes, I sprint from one side to the other, and then sprint back. It’s tiring but it works. and make sure you stretch!

  4. gr8ss4opper, 24 March, 2010

    That’s a great workout. I would also get a jump rope and start jumping rope for 2-5 minutes. It’ll help you with your footwork, and you can work on it anywhere. Good luck with your training!

  5. tennislover, 24 March, 2010

    good work.. it should help u out… but u should also try lifting more weights….

    good for u….

  6. rYomA eChizEn, 24 March, 2010

    yes… it will surely help you.. a great daily training menu! 🙂
    it will build up your stamina. you leg and arm strength… if you want to improve more, you can double your training menu, and do it everyday or if you can one time in the morning and one in the afternoon.. 🙂

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