What kind of exercises can I do at home?

Like if I cant go outside and play tennis and other sports, what exercises can I do at home so I can still like sweat a lot and burn a lot of calories and that can help with toning the stomach.

I have a treadmill in my house but what other exercises with like weights, can i do?

please help!

serious answers please!!


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  1. Students, 26 March, 2010

    Some good exercises for toning abs are:
    the plank- you prop yourself up on your forearms (kind of like getting ready to do a push up, but lower) and hold yourself up for 30 seconds and do 10 reps, or however long you can go.

    the side plank- the same thing as the plank, except on one arm and facing a side. make sure to do the side plank twice, facing different direction.

    side plank w/weight- get in side plank position and hold a weight in your free hand up high. bring the weight down and under your body and bring it back up, and repeat as long as you can.

    situps w/ twist- take a weight in each hand and do a sit up. once you are upright keep your hands straight in front of you and then slowly twist your torso (flexing your abs at the same time) to the right, and slowly twist it back to the left. onece you have twisted to both sides, slowly go back down and repeat as long as you want.

    you can also create variations of these exercises to fit your needs.

    for the treadmill:
    it is a good idea to run regularyly for about 20-30 minutes to stay in shape.

    start running at a slow pace for the first 5 minutes and then for the next 2 minutes speed up and really push it and run fast. then go back to five minutes of the slow pace and keep alternating between slow and fast every five minutes to get a good workout and build stamina.

  2. ptcanon, 26 March, 2010

    Some of the best exercises require no expensive equipment. Jog up steps and down the steps several times, stop at the top and do push ups, run up and down the stairs several more times, stop and do sit ups at the bottom. Do this for a 30 minute period. I guarantee it will get your heart rate going and if you do it often it will certainly make an impact on not only your stamina, but also your tone, strength, etc.

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