how to install a custom exhaust?

I need to install a new exhaust because the stock one was damaged while off-roading, and the resonator is rusted( small hole).

i have basic knowledge about exhaust systems. Ok, so i want a nice sounding exhaust, i’ve decided on going with a Glasspack, because i love how they sound and they are different than the flowmasters everyone else uses. I want an easy and low-cost solution, so i decided to have the tail pipe come out of the side (right in front of rear wheel). I have the materials needed (pipe, clamps, glasspack, elbow, hangers).

I have a couple questions:
So i was wondering, how do i go about removing the stock exhaust so that i can put the new setup in. I don’t have a cutting torch, so i assume a hacksaw will work fine right?

Also, I was wondering whether i have to weld the system together, or if i can just clamp it. I will be cutting the old system off after the 02 sensors and the Cats, so I assume a minor leak is acceptable if i choose to clamp everything together.

Vehicle is: 2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 V8

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