Why Does My Elbow Hurt For No Reason?

Why does my elbow hurt for no reason? About a month ago i noticed it was sore and thought maybe i had hit it on something, but its still there. It hurts to straighten it, and i can’t put any pressure on it.

Like the other day i tested it by trying to do a push up and it was to painful. Im not fat and i haven’t done anything for it to hurt.

So it’s like wtf lol?

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elbow hurts

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  1. tj, 27 March, 2010

    I would get an xray of this to see if the bone is growing funny for some reason or you have some growth on that area, if you know for certain you didn’t injure it any recently then I’d get it checked by the doctor and see if they will take an xray to see if there is anything that shows up on the results.

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