how many punches would it take to kill a fully grown cow? elbows are allowed?

we are at boring school and were curious as to whether you could kill/hurt a cow with just your fists/elbows.

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  1. NoMaam, 29 March, 2010

    Depends on the gear you get to have. If you have ever seen deadliest warrior chuck liddel destroyed a whole side of beef ribs and all with spiked gloves. …and ill guess…………………………..5

  2. Skipweasel, 29 March, 2010


  3. iHateVirus, 29 March, 2010

    Why would you want to kill/hurt a cow?

    If you’re really interested in killing cows, punching is not an effective way,
    but according to your question, it is not possible to kill a cow with punching repeatedly OR
    using an elbow. It will hurt the cow,but it will also hurt you more,since your bones will eventually
    crack from continuous punching.

  4. DJ, 29 March, 2010

    I’ve raised my share of cattle, and honestly, I’m about 99% that a person could NOT kill a cow with a fist, no matter how many punches you throw. I’m not entirely certain an unarmed human could kill a cow with strikes, period, even with kicks, knees, punches, and elbows.

  5. Jon, 29 March, 2010

    what the hell are you doing with your free time? lol

  6. Shihan J, 29 March, 2010

    and what did this poor innocent cow ever do to you to deserve a death sentence, did your parents give you spoiled milk as a child

    edit:> your the prefect example of why children should be seen and not heard

  7. Bionic Saint, 29 March, 2010

    it is possible to kill a cow with at least a 3 punch combination if you know the strategic pressure points/areas to hit it…it usually takes decades of practicing martial arts to attain the knowledge to do so. but not all masters of the art teach it to all their students. they usually choose carefully to whom they would hand the knowledge to for this is a very dangerous skill.

  8. Blair M, 29 March, 2010


  9. chris b, 29 March, 2010

    a cow could kill a person far sooner than the person could kill a cow.. pretty much any animal (especially a wild or heavy) could. but obviously you would know that.

  10. Shadow, 29 March, 2010

    *Sigh* Children…

  11. mv, 29 March, 2010

    It seems pretty disgusting now but it has been done before: the following is from the Wiki article on Mas Oyama.

    Oyama tested himself in a kumite, a progression of fights, each lasting two minutes, and each after the featured participant wins. Oyama fought 300 men in 3 days.[citation needed]

    He was also known for his propensity for combat with bulls, bare-handed. In his lifetime, he battled 52 bulls, three of which were killed instantly with one strike, earning him the nickname of Godhand.[citation needed] He killed some of them by making them chase him around the arena and by losing their stamina the bulls died.

  12. Gerald, 29 March, 2010

    Can’t be done.

    I’d like to see someone punch a cow in the face and not break their hand.

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