Tennis Rackets & Maintenance : Best Rackets for Tennis Elbow

If a person has tennis elbow, the racket that they use should have a wide head and a flexible frame. Avoid excessive vibration through the arm when hitting a tennis ball withinformation from a USPTA certified tennis pro in this free video on tennis equipment. Expert: Lincoln Ward Bio: Lincoln Ward is a USPTA certified tennis pro. He has 13 years of competitive playing experience, as well as 10 years of coaching experience. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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  1. pian000, 03 January, 2009

    im cool

  2. jesoby, 01 February, 2009

    You forgot to mention racket should be head light.
    Pro Kennex Ki5 is very comfortable.

  3. kuhataparunks, 31 May, 2009

    i like Prince rackets and the Prince shock absorbers alot

  4. lockgiants, 04 June, 2009

    should have probably rehearsed…

  5. georgeboardman, 19 August, 2009

    “1:26” lol

  6. napoleanboots, 29 September, 2009

    Shock Dampeners dampen the sound of the ball and string contact. The dampener does not lessen the vibrations going up your arm.

  7. queenofcourt, 02 October, 2009

    I got tennis elbow through practicing kick serves for too many hours,had it for about a year,so a word of advice…..listen to your body or elbow

  8. lmsypj, 01 December, 2009

    tks, funny how the racquets fall at the end.

  9. poopseks, 24 January, 2010

    lol this guy is the worst speaker ever.

    he looks more like a World of Warcraft player than a tennis pro lol

  10. reefric, 16 February, 2010

    he forgot to mention strings, not for reacreational player´s to use stiff polyester strings, but rather use natural or synthetic gut / multiflament, type strings..

  11. darkcaper703, 10 March, 2010

    wats a tennis elbow?

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