Tennis Elbow Therapy – Cross Fiber Friction Massage – Tennis Elbow Therapy at home using a simple massage technique for tennis elbow called Cross Fiber Friction Massage. Give it a try for temporary relief from tennis elbow.

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  1. johnsmdm, 18 November, 2008

    very good sir..

  2. raffi127, 26 November, 2008

    what about the the opposite side of the arm, samething??

  3. BobMastoras, 09 July, 2009

    for the other arm (right) should the massage be done clockwise?

  4. ghunt55, 09 July, 2009

    Yes, correct sir!

  5. 1955poet, 16 August, 2009

    Combined this massage with some exercises I found on youtube & cleared my t.e. in 10 days. Give it a try – it works.
    (The exercises are the ones using a small hammer – look under – tennis elbow exercises) Good luck & thanks for posting this.

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