Tennis & Golfers Elbow with Pure Pro Arnica Concentrate

Tennis Elbow, affecting the outside of the elbow, and Golfers Elbow, affecting the inside of the elbow, are common injuries. To speed recovery, reduce inflammation and ease pain, Dianna Dapkins, creator of Pure Pro and massage therapist, shares tips for using Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate. Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate is easy to use and is so potent that you only need a few drops to the injury site. Dianna’s handmade, powerful Activated Arnica extract with essential oils of Clary Sage, Siberian Fir, Bergamot and Lavender work to naturally help alleviate soreness and swelling gently without any freezing or burning sensations. Learn more at Find Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate at http . Used in deep tissue and medical massage practices, pain/injury clinics, sports rehab and physical therapy centers, spas, hospitals and elder care facilities worldwide.

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