Why won’t my tennis elbow pain go away, it’s been 7 months!?

I’ve had a Cortisone shot for my tennis elbow pain, therapy, X-rays.

Nothing shows up on the X-rays, I’ve spent so much money going to the doctor, and for pain meds that don’t work, now they want hundreds more for an MRI.

I have days where I can’t even squeeze the toothpaste tube or hold my coffee cup without agony.

In fact, I can’t do the slightest things with my right arm. Someone HELP please, because my doctors sure aren’t helping me at all!”

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  1. Douglas B, 01 April, 2010

    The pain is because of the tendons in your arm, they have had trauma to them and then they respond by shortening up. The way to release them is kind of easy, the only trouble for me is knowing which muscle to direct you to. Unless you can separate them out and find which one is causing this you may have to try doing them all or at least until you get to the one causing the problem. Here’s how to go at the release:
    With your arm bent in front of you and resting on your lap, take your other hand and go to the elbow area and feel around. If you find something sore or painful, press on it and hold the pressure there. After 30 seconds slowly raise your arm slightly and then slowly make a full extension of the arm, release the pressure but hold your arm straight for another 30 seconds. Then see if there is another one that is painful and do the same to it.
    If you haven’t found any painful ones start pressing on muscles and repeating the rest of how to release them. Then go around your arm doing the same thing on all muscle groups. You should find one or two in there that is causing this pain.
    also you should go to the other side of the elbow so you are working around the bicep muscle, going on the outside of it and the inside of it. In both places press in about an inch or so from the elbow and press up against the bone to see if you find anything that feels tight there. If you find a painful part press on it trapping it against the bone and hold for 30 seconds. Then extend your arm all the way, release the pressure but hold your arm like that for another 30 seconds.
    Sorry this isn’t a better answer for your question. The one thing I can assure you is the answer lies in those tendons and the releasing of them.

  2. David, 01 April, 2010

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