Muscles…(Upperbody) in pain x.x am i injured or am i just sore?

okay, so i actually got injured (my foot) and had surgery to repair it. That was almost a year ago. Previously I was very active (I ran, worked out, ect)

I wanted to start doing things again because I had gained a bit of weight from being in a wheel chair. Sooo, I went to ultimate upper(group fitness class/upper body weight training) and it was a WHOLE lot harder than i remembered (x,x) I did use really light weights ~ 3lb and 5lb~ but this morning I woke up and I couldnt move my arms. My whole upper body seems frozen in place and it is painful to move(reach for something, pick up somthing) ect. Almost like a whole upper body cramp, i cant rotate my shoulders and bending at my elbow also is quite painful.

I’ve never had any problems doing this class previously and i could do ~5lbs 10lbs~ quiet easily. I’m not very familiar with injury or soreness in my upperbody so I am not sure what I should do and if I am actually hurt or just sore. Streching the muscles and poping the joints havent helped but created a burining sensation(which makes me think its an injury instead of soreness) the only type of muscle realted injury i am familiar with is in my legs and feet (quite prone to those) so i really am in the dark here about the problem.

Areas in pain:
Lower arm muscles
upper arm muscles
chest muscles
shoulder muscles
back muscles

now i know they cant all be injured but I do know that my shoulder area is where allmost all the pain is, (as in if i try to rotate the joint its horribly painful) my arms feel like they are just sore except that my right elbow feels like I may have pulled something… similar to throwing a softball wrong and hurting the elbow and shoulder area it seems.

What should I do, am i hurt in the joints or no?

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  1. GlennM, 01 April, 2010

    You overloaded your muscles too much too soon. If you had started with low impact excercise like stretching and walking short distances at first. You could graduate in a week, then to walking longer distances… (and follow up with a warm shower and shallow muscle massage)t, then you would have seen improvement steadily without as much pain.
    Now, you might have a torn muscle or tendonitis…Better check in with a sports therapy clinic or your regular doctor…

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