My brother has a REALLY sore elbow/arm?

He plays baseball and for the last couple of games he has been complaining about his arm hurting him. He is a pitcher and he says it hurts him when he throws. But tonight he hit a home run and still said it hurt REALLY bad. We asked him does it feel better than it did last game at least…he said it hurts worse. Whats going on and how do we treat it.

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  1. jasonjas, 01 April, 2010

    There was another question like this on Answers:

    What I’ll say is that it could be only a sore arm or muscle that he pulled. This will mean that he could be out for a few games/practices but not very many. Ice packs fix that.

    The other thing it could be is some form of muscle/bone problem that could become worse after using it too much. this would keep him away from baseball for most of his years if it isn’t taken care of.

    The only way to know is to tell the coaches what is happening. the next thing to do is to go to the doctor and explain to them the problem as well.

    And just to be curious… did he even tell the coaches he was having a sore arm and elbow? If he didn’t then he needs to learn how to speak up when something hurts. Playing sports while being hurt can lead to really serious issues later on it life. Look at the baseball players in the pros. If they get hurt they sit out for a few games because being hurt has serious consequences if you don’t get it taken care of immediately.

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