how to get rid of scars from accident ?

i met with a accident ( or u can say accident met me …hehehe…..bad joke ) ,6 months ago . now i m a proud owner of the 3 scars ( 1 on foot , 1 on knee and 1 on elbow ) how to remove it by the home made remedies ….

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  1. Melissa N, 02 April, 2010

    Home made remedies for scar marks left due to skin injury won’t work that effectively and also to see a small difference, you would need to use it for months. Instead, I would recommend for you to try Zenmed’s Scar Treatment Kit, which is a complete herbal treatment that works very well for clearing scar marks left by chicken pox, skin injuries, acne and dark spots. I know it works well for removing scars as my friend used it on her daughters chicken pox scars and in a months time they were almost invisible. Vitamin E oil also helps to fade away scar marks but it takes a longer period of time of about 3 months to see the scar gone. So, if you need a quick fix, then the Zenmed Scar Treatment kit is ideal.

  2. Suspension Notice, 02 April, 2010

    i am for real . but be care full you use it to much and it will weekin the scar tissue . you need that tissue . think of it as a calas . now use wart remover on it at night . next morning wash it off . bandage it with lard . real lard . with no salt added . do this bout every other day or so . dont want to remove it to fast . or it will rip open under presure.

  3. Bob, 02 April, 2010

    Time is the only real option.
    I was in an explosion that left me with scars all over my body, but the worst were on my face. Once you’re through with scabbing it will take the raised areas several months to smooth and several years for the color to even out. Make up will hide it. Seriously though. Knee foot and elbow? Who’s going to care?

  4. Nish, 02 August, 2011

    Best solution is coconut oil !

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