Golfer’s Elbow Exercises

Pain at the inside of your elbow is a common injury seen in golfers, but it can occur to anyone. In this video we go over a rehabilitation exercise program for medial elbow pain.

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  1. nsb06751, 04 October, 2009

    Comprehensive and helpful demo. Thank you and nice job!

  2. jenki47, 06 January, 2010

    clear and very informative ,great demo!

  3. bassline77, 30 January, 2010

    Great tips. I’ve had physio and the stretch exercises at the start where shown to me, thanks fot he new exercises too.

    The elastic band exercise how many times /how often should I be doing that per day?

  4. PositiveMotionChiro, 09 February, 2010

    Always consult your doctor. That said a general rule would be 1-2x/day as long as it wasn’t causing you any pain.

  5. TimCob, 21 February, 2010

    Thanks – needed this info !

  6. debpremo, 28 February, 2010

    Excellent ! Clear as to causes and therapies to address. Well done!

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