What exercises should i do when i have knee pain?

I wanted to work out and exercise this summer to get in shape for tennis and lose a few lbs, however i just got runner’s knee, which gives me mild knee pain on the left knee. Is there any cardio exercises i can still do effectively while not overusing the knee?

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  1. Branden Fitz, 03 April, 2010

    What’s up with everyone getting knee pain? Every other question on here is knee pain.

  2. lys, 03 April, 2010

    Cycling could be something to try. There’s not as much force on the joint so would probably not cause as much pain as jogging.

  3. brentmesser, 03 April, 2010

    you need to stick to low impact exercises like Cycling or the Eliptical machine…Also be sure to be working out in good shoes…

    Brent Messer
    Exercise Science Degree
    Certified Personal Trainer NSCA-CPT
    Sports Performance Coach USA-W

  4. coachpisco@verizon.net, 03 April, 2010

    In order to know what exercises to do to rehab the knee, one first has to know EXACTLY what is wrong with the knee. Only a good Athletic Trainer, or Orthopedic Surgeon can tell you that. If you live near a high school, try looking up the AT there. If he/she is good, they will be able to tell you what is the matter and what exercises to do for rehab. And they will do it for free 99% of the time.

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