Handmaster Plus Hand Strength Exercise

Dr. Terry Zachary demontrates the Handmaster Plus hand exercise system that strengthens and balances all 18 hand muscles in one exercise. Great for finger, thumb, hand, wrist and elbow strength training, fitness, wellness, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Great for carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow injury prevention and rehabilitation. Handmaster Plus is a best exercise for cmplete hand, wrist, forearm and arm strengthening for all grip strength and training and power sports, including golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, gymnastics, body building, jet ski, motocross, skido, quad, climbing, bowling, arm wrestling, martial arts, ultimate fighting, UFC, snow board, boxing, karate, Jiu jitsu, lacrosse, cricket, rugby, shooting and archery. The Handmaster Plus provides complete strengthening and training exercises that strengthen the finger and wrist extensor muscles as well as the finger flexor muscles, providing complete strength, stability and rehabilitation. Handmaster Plus is also used by musicians, including string instruments, guitar (guitarist, banjo, violin, bass, fiddle), drums (drummers), keyboard (piantists, piano, organ, organists) and wind instruments (flute, saxophone, trombone, clarinet, etc.) Handmaster Plus is used in the workplace (crafts, dentists, dental techs, surgeon, beauticians, barbers, computer workers, video games, PDA, etc.) to treat and prevent RSI (repetitive stress injury) like carpal tunnel

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  1. ttamreztif, 29 September, 2008

    Do you recommend the pro hands gripmaster pro?

  2. doczac, 30 September, 2008

    Hi ttamreztif:

    Thanks for your q. The products are quite different.

    Handmaster Plus allows the user’s hand to be resisted through full, natural, 3-dimensional ranges of motion through both closing (flexion) & opening (extension), producing maximum strength, balance and blood flow.

    Gripmaster addresses flexion only, through 2 dimensions (1 plane).

    Hope that helps…


  3. Mannypacquia0, 18 October, 2008

    hi doczac question, how do you know when your making progress when using the handmaster plus? like in terms of months and weeks, that you and your hands feel progress? because im still thinking of buying this lol even buying two of em ;O

  4. doczac, 20 October, 2008

    Hi Mannypacquia0:
    Thanks for your q.
    When using Handmaster Plus, you will notice muscle fatigue/challenge usually within one minute, as most products do not exercise all of the important muscles that Handmaster Plus resists (this is the reason for so much weakness, injury & imbalance).
    Muscle changes are usually noticed within weeks, if user is consistent.

  5. Mannypacquia0, 22 October, 2008

    thanks for the honest answer, and also doczac so basicly ican feel promosing results if i exercise with hand masterplus repeatedly everyday for like 5 mins on each hand or something?

  6. gagi1963andjeo, 03 November, 2008

    It’s good for playing music instruments…5 stars!

  7. HardCoreSkater16, 18 January, 2009

    Will this make your hand bigger, and make your fingers thicker and longer?
    Please answer.

  8. doczac, 19 January, 2009

    Hi HardCoreSkater16:
    Exercising the muscles of your hand (9 muscles close the hand & 9 muscles open it) would theorteically make your hand muscles bigger, which would make your hands and forearms bigger. Your genes would play into how much so 9just as in body building). The exercises would make you stronger & much morebalanced (most people are over developed on flexor muscles) but would have no affect on finger/thumb length.
    Hope that helps!

  9. soaptrope, 25 January, 2009

    does it work for inner elbow stabilizer injurys

  10. HardCoreSkater16, 26 January, 2009

    how much is it…and do i have to order it or can i buy it in a store

  11. bebenavole, 20 February, 2009

    I bought the handmaster plus in December 2008.Been suffering tendon inflammation and other guitar related problems.After 2 weeks of using the Handmaster Plus the thumb loop snapped. I emailed Tom Spragge , sent some photos.He not only emailed back but promptly sent me, not 1 ,but 4 new rubber chords!! 4 free!
    After almost 3.mnt of using the HMP and im getting a lot more hand strength back. I can warm up exercise without overdoing it I really recommend this product !

  12. smackledorb, 04 April, 2009

    where do i get the hand master plus? are they in stores or do i have to order it.

  13. RobindeValkNL, 17 April, 2009

    I’m from the Netherlands and suffering from a wrist injury for a couple years now. Is it possible for me to get a hold of this product??

  14. jonytew, 29 April, 2009

    Hi doczac, im a guitarist and I thnk from reasearching the symptoms I have RSI in my extensor muscles. So if I buy this ball should I use it for rehabilitation exclusilvly before going back to guitar playing and then using it as a warm up? If so how often and for how long should I do these exercises to rehabilitate myself? Thank u

  15. LardInATubeSock, 23 May, 2009

    I also bought this product, and so far I love it! I am using it to help recover from tennis elbow. My question is this: I am currently doing the exercise in your video with my arm completely straightened/outstretched in fromt of me, parallel to the ground. I find that is seems to involve (hence hurt!) the area where I need rehabilitation. Is this straight-arm metod okay to do, or must my arm be bent at the elbow (for lateral epicondylitis rehab) while doing these exercises? Help appreciated!

  16. LardInATubeSock, 23 May, 2009

    oops, also I am doing 30 rep set of the “squeeze, open and bend wrist” method. Is this enough to do daily? Right now I am using the yellow (easiest) band and the light blue(easiest) ball. thanks.

  17. blitzflame08, 03 June, 2009

    does anyone know where i can buy this?

  18. kolesidisgiannis, 11 July, 2009

    This product is called Grip Saver Plus in Greece.

  19. bhavvv, 24 July, 2009

    I pulled my wrist from overplaying the piano, and this is reall reall helping with my rehab.

    It almost felt broken, but everything moves fine with some wrist pain, and wearing a wrist support glove everyday and using this completely relieves it.

    I only got the grip today, hopfully it wont take too long to repair and build my strength back.

  20. bhavvv, 27 July, 2009

    I can already play again now just after a few days =D

    At first I could only play about 10 minutes before it started to hurt, then the next day for about 20-30 minutes, and today i managed 2 sessions.

    My wrist and little finger get a bit sore after playing for increasing amounts of time still, but then this exercise toy relieves the pain and discomfort right away. I just keep it attached to the hand as long as I can and pull and sqeeze every 5 minutes or so.

    Need to get my hand fixed 🙂

  21. tctebsrules, 06 September, 2009

    yea i just got mine since my arm was hurting from too much guitar i hope it will do the trick

  22. davidoblue1, 26 October, 2009

    hello doczac. i just purchased your product and i am feeling a little doubt. i read some reviews from people who purchased the Handmaster plus and a lot of them mentioned that they’re band had snapped. i got a little worried since i have not gotten the product yet. i am wondering if there is any way of preventing this?

  23. doczac, 26 October, 2009


    Some time ago, we had a container that had faulty product (which was not QC’ed as per schedule), but have since changed our manufacturing process to ensure specific USA material from GLS only. No problems since. Anyone that bought from that container has been given replacement cords free. We take customer service very seriously.
    Hope that helps.

  24. Percussionfish, 20 January, 2010

    im sad reallt worred since i just started having a wrist pain, i hope is not tendonitis, or any other syndrome.
    im gonna cry if i cant play no more, i better stop writing

  25. RadiusBass, 20 February, 2010

    eisai sigouros gia auto?
    ego den to vrika pouthena etsi…

  26. Grand, 07 November, 2011

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