Where in or near Philadelphia can an adult play tennis for free?

We don’t want lessons. Just some courts where adults can play tennis to get some exercise without paying for it. Also, indoor courts are especially good, seeing that winter is upon us.

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  1. Bob, 04 April, 2010

    Some of the facilities below may belong to the City of Philadelphia and/or surrounding areas.

  2. jdm, 04 April, 2010

    I know that there’s a court (3 nets, outdoor) on Drexel’s campus at 34th and Powelton Avenue.

    And I know it would seem kind of random for an inner city school, but I know I see a lot of schoolyards with tennis courts.

  3. STAR, 04 April, 2010

    most playgrounds have a tennis court. try St. joes’ tennis court.

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