What is tennis elbow?

Effectively treat tennis elbow tendinitis yourself at home without any special exercise equipment. Follow this incredible easy step by step tennis elbow treatment tip to start to ease your tennis elbow – lateral epicondylitis – pain. For my FREE video course on muscle relaxation go to www.klenterprizes.com/tenniselbow.html

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  1. glucose6phosphate, 21 January, 2008

    Informative. Meant to give 4 stars, but made an error.

  2. mouloudo, 31 January, 2008

    i got a similar pain but on the downside of my elbow…

  3. mrkuramoto, 27 February, 2008

    I have been problems with my elbow for more than 2 months due to Tennis elbow and it was originated playing tennis. I have been trying to find some information about what I did wrong and what I should do correct to avoid it but up to now I haven’t found it. Eveybody says, the technique is not correct but PLEASE show me the bad moviment and the correct movement! Ok, you are not a tennis player but just take a raque and show the bad moviment and the good one!

  4. pongman, 06 March, 2008

    The best tip is preventing tennis elbow. Use your biceps muscle when lifting, it is much larger than the brachial radialis. Whenever I see waitresses lifting chairs to replace them back to the table they always lift with their hand palm side down instead of palm side up. remember use your biceps when lifting heavy objects.

  5. pongman, 06 March, 2008

    The inside pain on the elbow is often called golfers elbow, or medial epicondylitis. It’s similar in concept to tennis elbow.

  6. fraser0202, 04 July, 2008

    my elbows dont hurt but recently while ive been playing sports (hocky,Tennis) and my wrist right under my palm has been in pain whenever it turns, the only way i can make it stop hurting is popping it. Anyone have any tips?

  7. odmcarp, 15 December, 2008

    I thank you for this great video. My tennis elbow pain started in the middle july of 2008, and i still have the pain now, and it’s the middle of Dec. 20-08. This is the result of a computer game i got addicted to for years, and finaly i had to stop because of this pain.
    I realized it’s the pc game because the pain is intensified, just by attempting to play this silly game. My question to you is: Can i still mend this taring you were talking about at the beginning of the video? Thanks again.

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