Sore right elbow when throwing?

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  1. Craig, 04 April, 2010

    If you don’t normally throw things then you’ve probably done some minor muscle tearing (part of the process of building muscle).

    The general rule I work with is that it hurts more the day after you’ve done it. It should come good after that day.
    If not then you’ve done a bit of a number on it and it will take a few more days.

    You should be able to distinguish between good pain (muscle building) and bad pain (muscle/join damage). Sometimes the lines can feel a bit blurred. But judging by the info you’ve given I’d say it’s good pain.

  2. joyfulkid571, 04 April, 2010

    you probably just threw your arm out. give it a rest till it feels better

  3. ?, 04 April, 2010

    Might be sprained. Wrap it up with a good bandage, and see your doctor.

  4. Michael B, 04 April, 2010

    Sounds like tendonitis….Just rest it up, ice it, and take an anti-inflammatory drug like tylenol…

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