Is playing tennis good exercise?

My sister wants us to start a sport together to get her fit, but she is picky on which sport we do. (I don’t care any of them is fine). She says either Volleyball or Tennis. Thanks and God bless!

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  1. Hello kitty, 05 April, 2010

    Tell your sister that if she doesn’t want bat wings she needs to take up tennis. Apparently all female’s have a certain amount of fat under their arms but if you play tennis not only is it a fun form of exercise it also tones your arms. That was a good enough reason for me to start playing tennis. Also I met my boyfriend playing tennis.

  2. leagueboy, 05 April, 2010

    Yes. Tennis is much better exercise than volleyball. You can play singels (one on one) and you are involved in every point – unlike volleyball. There is more running too. There can be a lot of stress on your knees though.

  3. JohnDoe28, 05 April, 2010

    Yes, 1 hour of competitive tennis can burn more calories than doing laps in a pool. Be sure though that your not hitting the ball for 5 minutes and then taking a 10 minute break, if this is what occurs then your better off with volleyball. I play competitive tennis 2X per week for roughly 2.5 hours and in the Florida heat I lose roughly 6lbs of water loss, I can’t think of any other sport besides long distance running that can match this. Besides tennis is fun and you don’t even realize that your losing weight in the process. Not to mention people who play tennis regularly often have a sense of well being when their done playing because of the endorphins being released in the process which for a lot of people is like taking an antidepressant medication.

  4. Sundi, 05 April, 2010

    Tennis is very good exercise. Have you tried yet. You run around a lot more in tennis.

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