why are my arms sore where my elbow bends?

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  1. angel w, 05 April, 2010

    tennis elbow

  2. Jasmine G, 05 April, 2010


  3. Bobbi M, 05 April, 2010

    Have you picked up something heavy recently. It could be your muscles saying ‘ouch!’. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Art M, 05 April, 2010

    Do you exercise a lot and use your arm in a repetitive motion, such as when playing tennis? If so, you may have bursitis or a form of tendinitis. I would need more information on your lifestyle and how long it’s been hurting and exactly how it feels to be able to help you more. If if continues for more than 2 weeks, I would go see a doctor and avoid heavy exercise in the meantime. Also, you might try stretching your arms holding each stretch for at least a minute. There are many books that tell exactly what kind of stretches you can do. Good luck.

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