Why does the opposite side of my elbow hurts when i throw Javelin?

When i throw javelin the opposite side of my elbow hurts really badly. I stretch before i throw. In the beginning its fine but after a short while it starts to hurt really badly. I’ve been told it’s because my technique is wrong. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and can give me some good advice on how to fix it?

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  1. GhostRider54, 06 April, 2010

    You are probably not extending your arm when you go through with the throw. Instead of using the muscles in your shoulder, you are relying on the strength in your forearm.

    Before you throw a full runway try doing just plain snaps and crow hops.

    Also when you throw, make sure your throwing arm is completely straight behind you, and then keep your arm straight as you bring it through. Your arm should be straight the entire time! Then when you bring your arm down you do not want it to cross over your body! Bring it straight down so that it hits the thigh on the same side of your body as the arm you are throwing with.

    What I am thinking is happening with your throw is that you are coming out to the side too much and then bending your elbow so you have a ‘dinosaur arm’

    Another way to prevent this, would be to practice the form of your arm using stretchy band. Have one person hold one end of the band while you take the other end and practice extending your arm the proper way.

    Also try not to muscle it when you throw it. Most of the distance should come from the snap of your throw, and the power coming from arch in your back, your hips coming through, and consistent speed through out your runway. Proper form, and vast amounts of practice will be the best solution to any problems dealing with throwing. It usually takes 12 years to completely master an event.

    Good Luck.

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