What to do to get in shape for tennis?

Tennis tryouts are Monday. I’m pretty sure there are no cuts, because not a whole lot of people join, but what are some good things to do to get in shape for tennis? I’ m already okay with the running, because I play soccer, so I’m used to it. I haven’t run since about November though. What are sme good exercises that will help with my tennis practice?
Oh, I’m not trying to lose weight.

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  1. roxy roller, 06 April, 2010

    I would work on doing some lunges to various angles (front, back, side, 45 degrees), since this is an often repeated move in tennis.
    I also recommend calf raises and stretches. Since tennis involves jumping from time to time, you’ll want to have strength and flexibility in these muscles so you don’t develop what is commonly known as "jumpers leg". Basically, a torn calf muscle. It’s also helpful to do jumps on the spot.
    Also, try some shoulder strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff. These are the little muscles inside the shoulder that allow it to move in many directions. In the average person they are unconditioned. Try holding a three pound dumbell in one hand, touching the opposite hip. Then pass it across your body in an arc until the hand is up above the shoulder (like you’re preparing to serve).
    Whatever you do, the best conditioning will come from moves that mimic what you do while playing tennis and prepare the muscles for how they will be used.

  2. Kevin, 06 April, 2010

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  3. aranyosb, 06 April, 2010

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