Need help? I have a sore, painful, achy, right elbow -?

I went to my doctors and in a nutshell he said "it’s nothing – go away and cope – it will get better" he gave me NO tablets or nothing.

I have put heat on it, muscular rubs but nothing seems too help. I have had the pain for 3 weeks now and it’s no better.
I can’t lift, carry or hold anything.
What is this pain and what can I do to stop the pain?

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  1. chad c, 06 April, 2010

    maybe you have tennis elbow. heat, ice, elevation, compression and rest. try those things for a couple of days.

  2. nicola fay, 06 April, 2010

    sure you haven’t broke anything?
    My wrist was hurting the day after i fell on it, and i thought nothing off it, but went to hospital after a while and found out that id cracked a bone causing me to wear a cast.

    Go to hospital for x-ray

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