Hand Muscle Grip Strength Exercises

Train grip strength and hand muscles, through exercise, in order to attain maximum grip strength, performance and injury prevention. Dr. Terry Zachary explains the proper way to strengthen grip strength using Handmaster Plus. Handmaster Plus is a best exercise for cmplete hand, wrist, forearm and arm strengthening for all grip strength and training and power sports, including golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, gymnastics, body building, jet ski, motocross, skido, quad, climbing, bowling, arm wrestling, martial arts, ultimate fighting, UFC, snow board, boxing, karate, Jiu jitsu, lacrosse, cricket, rugby, shooting and archery. The Handmaster Plus provides complete strengthening and training exercises that strengthen the finger and wrist extensor muscles as well as the finger flexor muscles, providing complete strength, stability and rehabilitation. Handmaster Plus is also used by musicians, including string instruments, guitar (guitarist, banjo, violin, bass, fiddle), drums (drummers), keyboard (piantists, piano, organ, organists) and wind instruments (flute, saxophone, trombone, clarinet, etc.) Handmaster Plus is used in the workplace (crafts, dentists, dental techs, surgeon, beauticians, barbers, computer workers, video games, PDA, etc.) to treat and prevent RSI (repetitive stress injury) like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, tendinitis, Dequervain’s, repetitive strain, overuse, strain, sprain of finger, thumb, wrist, carpal tunnel

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  1. derekli04, 04 July, 2009

    P.S.S.T.? Is this in Surrey, BC?

  2. derekli04, 04 July, 2009

    anyway, very informative. thanks!

  3. doczac, 13 July, 2009

    Hi Derek:

    Yes, the original program (PSST) started in Surrey, BC. PSSTWorld is based on Theresa Campbell’s work in Surrey.

    PSSTWorld is a seamless scalable program that allows any school district (and now university) to have this fully functional safety program up and running within a few weeks, without tying up staff or development time or resources.

    Let me know if you have further q’s regarding PSSTWorld.


  4. derekli04, 14 July, 2009


    I don’t have any questions, I was just wondering where this thing was shot. Thanks.

  5. TimeAndSpaceWarp, 27 August, 2009

    the balance between muscles makes sense, but what about the wrist bones themselves, i’ve been practicing karate for a while and when i punch hard my wrist hurts, plus if i keep my wrist in a fixed position for long it ‘cracks’ when i move it down. Is that normal?

  6. Amitboy1980, 19 September, 2009

    hi do u know any tips for hand grip training for me?

  7. AkemiCaffeine, 06 October, 2009

    Is the atanomy of our toes the same as our fingers like you described in this video?

    Thx in advance =)

  8. doczac, 06 October, 2009

    Thanks for your Q. No, the toes and feet are anatomically quite a bit different as they serve a different function (balance and shock absorption).

  9. Odenkay, 08 October, 2009

    Would you agree that the thumb adductor / flexor and palmaris brevis muscle are at least as important in grip strength as the forearm flexors? If you look at hands, you can usually see very developed hand abductors, which means that they’re acting as a counterbalance when gripping like the forearm extensors do?

  10. LowQualitYy, 11 October, 2009

    Of course but your wrists will become stronger the more you punch bags =) If you’re new you should use protection, or it could damage your wrists.

  11. doczac, 27 November, 2009

    Summer: Your thinking is the common thinking and leads to repetitive grip problems. The finger extensor muscles have to be trained equally to maimize grip and prevent injury. I have seen the same injuries from the same cause for 15 years. Easily preventable, hand grips alone is the wrong approach. Chronic imbalance results.

  12. 11leev, 30 November, 2009

    2 questions. i just bought hand grips, and don’t want to waste them. are there exercises that just work the extensor muscles? and second, do wrist curls with dumbells work?

  13. MMAArmchair, 02 January, 2010

    Try varying resistance of rubber bands for the ‘opening hand’ exercises 🙂 Seems too simple, but it works. Doczac’s product is essentially a grip ball and stretch band in one so you can go from closing to opening without changing equipment.

  14. hangover22, 07 January, 2010

    You can do this exercise without the ball just do the same thing.

  15. doczac, 07 January, 2010

    You can do any exercise without resistance, but appropriate resistance is what challenges the muscles to become strong. The other benefit of appropriate resistive exercise that is omitted is that it maximizes blood flow and lymph drainage.

  16. doczac, 07 January, 2010

    Notice that the Handmaster Plus mimics exactly the motion of naturally opening and closing the hand, and simply adds resistance. The exercise products that we have grown to believe are proper hand exercise products do not mimick the natural motion of the hand (i.e. spring loaded and coiled grip products train the hand in 2D short ROM’s; Handmaster Plus trains the hand muscles in natural 3D full ROM’s.

  17. andjelicnikola, 10 January, 2010

    Doc is there any exercise for fingertips so you can get a better touch when you release the football?

  18. doczac, 10 January, 2010

    We have worked with many college & pro teams, athletes & trainers. Handmaster Plus has been in the training room of many NFL & CFL teams for years. It is used by quarterbacks, backs & receivers, but is popular with linemen. The 3 exercises are for quarterbacks. The stronger & better balanced the fingers, hands and wrists are, the easier it is for the quarterback to relax & still have enough strengeth and control. Better strength & balance, better touch.
    Good luck,

  19. ckobo84, 13 January, 2010

    Hm…probably the experts on fingertip strength would be rock climbers. I would probably google “rock climber finger exercises” or something like that. You might try “arm wrestling finger exercises” as well, I know there is one arm wrestlers use where they hold the handle of a sledge hammer between the fingertips of both hands and then walk their fingers up the handle like a spider.

  20. lovingusman1983, 20 January, 2010

    hey doc
    pla let me know abt improving handgrip of a 70 yrs old man suffering from hemi plagia plz

  21. yomamaallupinthis, 09 February, 2010

    are there any exercises that can increase my speed for triggering a paintball gun

  22. RustyFucket, 23 February, 2010

    If you wanted to build a really strong grip say for any grappling/submission/wrestling you would need more resistance added progressively. How could you add more resistance to that workout?

  23. doczac, 23 February, 2010

    Many grapplers currently use Handmaster Plus. We regularly test elite athlete & rarely are they addressing finger extensor muscles (9). Handmaster Plus immediately increases grip strength/stamina by addressing these finger stabilizers. Most fatigue by the medium within a minute until they train. Then they move to firm. Handmaster Plus does not negate any other grip trainer of choice, just adds finger extension which is vital for strength, performance & reduces injury.

  24. staphinfection, 18 March, 2010

    So you’re telling people that squeezing a tennis balls is wrong, and then you’re selling them a fancy tennis ball to squeeze.

    Right on man.

  25. oxygenownz, 31 March, 2010

    Get a harder ball? 😀
    Just get another wrist strengthening spring or something

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