How to make the tennis team in the fall?

I am a junior who wants to make the tennis team in the fall (i did not make it last year). Since I had a really hard school year I have not played tennis or exercised in almost a year (terrible i know). What is a good routine for someone who wants to improve their tennis skills over the summer? I cant play any practice matches because I have no one to play with ( no walls either). Also, what are some conditiong excersies could I do to help improve my fitness as well.

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  1. Not a Hero, 07 April, 2010

    It’s extremely important to actually get out and play tennis. If you have the money, try joining the USTA and play in junior tournaments. They have round-robin style rather than single-elimination, so you can get 2-3 matches for each tourney you join. Some juniors are really good, so you might get destroyed, but I don’t think that would bother you (you are joining a competitive team after all).

    If all else fails, try soccer or running, since tennis requires active footwork,. Practice throwing a football or pitching a baseball since the tennis serve is basically a throwing motion.

  2. Normal or fat?, 07 April, 2010


  3. Harley Drive, 07 April, 2010

    tennis just isn’t like that you need good coaching(individual) and hours of practise to improve at all

  4. shawn, 07 April, 2010

    I suggest you hire a instructor and start working out…duh

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