Tendinitis – Anyone have suggestions.?

I have tendinitis in my left elbow. Anyone have any suggestions to help heal it. Any exercises or diet changes.

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  1. peterbilt197, 07 April, 2010

    Pretty painful huh?! You can alternate between hot and cold compresses. Go to your doctor and get a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. You may need some physical therapy if it’s bad enough. Or you could see a pain specialist who can give you an injection for the pain.

  2. LB, 07 April, 2010

    I had it in my wrist for years before I found a physiotherapist who used a tens machine on it a couple of times a week.

    It took about 4 weeks before I noticed it really starting to heal – after 2 months it was fine.

    never had a problem since – used to wear a splint at times it was that bad…..

    Try a tens machine – also used for pain relief during pregnancy / labour.

  3. Chas, 07 April, 2010

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